Perserving the history

In the very heart of Belgrade, which as the capital itself represents the heart of Serbia, lies the famous Hotel Balkan.
Since it is located on the corner of Terazije square and Prizrenska street, it is an integral part of the always lively city center. When we take into account the longevity of Hotel Balkan’s existence, we can only conclude that it represents the perfect bond of modernity and tradition.

Its history goes back so far that it is somewhat impossible to determine the exact year of construction of the building itself. It is assumed that at the time when the Terazije fountain was built, around 1860, the famous Belgrade architect Vuković built this “monument” of heritage and culture.
In the meantime, the building became was inherited by merchant brothers Samuil and Golub Janić. After his death, Golub’s wife passed it on to the Serbian Royal Academy.

The hotel has gone through many restorations and owners, but despite this it has retained the unique spirit of the era in which it was created. It was precisely for this reason that all the Serbian and foreign cultural elite were always happy to make their way back to Hotel Balkan.

Restaurant Balkan Belgrade 1860

At Hotel Balkan, you can expect a wide and unique selection of culinary experiences, ranging from local to international cuisine, as well as a cafeteria and snack bar with spacious gardens, where even the most demanding gourmets will satisfy their senses. What makes it special are the gastronomic specialties of our head chef, while the most famous world wine names make up our wine list.

Hospitality is our imperative.

The hotel has 75 rooms available, including single, double, triple, and quadruple rooms. The view from the terrace rooms offers a panoramic view of the entire city at your fingertips, leaving no one indifferent.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, our friendly staff will ensure that you are accommodated according to your preferences. The sauna, gym, and massage rooms are an essential part of your stay, making the experience complete.

All roads lead to Balkan

The hotel is conveniently located, so you can easily and quickly reach everywhere with a leisurely walk. Of course, you can also reach us by car, and there is a public garage nearby where you can safely park your vehicle.

Together, we create unforgettable moments.

Offering a new perspective on the timeless city, our hotel Balkan is a sanctuary where everyone feels relaxed, energized, and at home. The history that began in the 19th century continues today…

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